I am an award-winning author/writer, photographer, and artist. Since 2008, I have been ghostwriting articles and blogs for online clients. In that time, over 2000 of my writings have appeared, in print and on the internet. I am a member of the Professional Writers Association.

As a successful freelance writer, my job is to make my clients look good. I provide well-crafted writing that shows their business in its best light. Over the years, I have become proficient in researching many different fields and writing about them in a way that the average person can understand. I especially enjoy learning about new things and sharing that knowledge with others.

I have many years of experience in financial areas such as accounting and investing and am also experienced in real estate investing. I have co-founded several companies and handled their administrative, accounting and organizational duties.

From the time I first learned to read, thru my days as a high school newspaper editor, till today as an experienced writer, the written word has always held a special fascination for me. There has never been a time in my life when writing did not play an important part.

My stories and books for children have been well received by kindergarten teachers for use in their classrooms. Two of my children's picture ebooks are currently available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Some of my areas of expertise are:

Real Estate Investing
Construction and Home Improvement
Finance and Accounting
Health, especially new ways to treat various diseases
Legal matters