In the Beginning….

They say that every journey starts with the first step. This is my first step toward writing a blog. It is much harder than I expected.

I am primarily a ghostwriter. For years, I have helped others put their ideas and opinions into words, but rarely have I expressed my own opinions in writing other than short Facebook or Twitter posts. Not that I don’t have opinions, as my Facebook friends and followers well know. It’s just that I have never publicized them in a blog.

I am normally a very private person. I don’t seek acknowledgement or attention for my writings. I much prefer writing articles and posts for someone else. Just give me a topic and I will create an article or post that you can claim as your own. I don’t feel a need to take credit for it.

Privately, I have always kept a journal. In it I have revealed my innermost thoughts and feelings, but it is not something that I have shared with the public. Nor do I intend to do so in the future. I find that I can most easily sort out my feelings and plan for my future if I put it into words.

Another thing that has kept be from blogging is the belief that no one would be interested in my thoughts. That’s probably why I have chosen to be a ghostwriter for all these years.

Now, I am taking on the task of writing a blog.

I’m coming to this task late. I am semi-retired. I have lived a very full life. Marriage, children, career(s) and travel. I could, I guess, just hang it all up and do nothing, but I still enjoy writing.

I don’t know how this will play out. Hopefully, there will be some people who are interested in what I have to say.

Please reply with any comments, questions or constructive criticism. I eagerly await your responses.

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